A Glance of Casa Cor Minas Aparment with Appealing Texture

Instead of living in a house with wide surrounding or a villa, some people tend to reside in a warm dwelling in the heart of a city like an apartment. Sometimes it is also not easy to fill a new apartment with some fixtures to create an adorable nuance inside. Therefore, reciting from Casa Cor Minas, you are expected to have the same design for more classy and exceptional apartment design. Taking the opportunity to show his skill, an architect tries to make over the empty design into an interesting trait for a comfortable dwelling.

To meet the owner lifestyle, the designer combines many styles into a modern and efficient one. High mobile activity could be the main theme going to be emphasized in this apartment design. Therefore, extensive interior is the only thing you enjoy in this gorgeous contemporary apartment.

Using Venetian drape to cover the window for giving over height to the electronic tools is a cool idea for exotic look. With several colorful fixtures applied to the interior, they are aimed to be the retro hints. You could not deny that the bold long wooden dining table really matches with the wooden ceiling.

A trendy seating stands firmly beneath a window both for relax and therapy. Curve style of the head rest of the leather chair looks the same with the table design in front of it. With some artistic painting attached to the blue backdrop, it is not just a comfy space to stay at, but it is also art gallery to feed your passion.

Finishing the outlook with vibrant lighting idea makes interior to both relax and socialize feel alive. Getting a charming look along with grey touch in the room is really awesome for luxury hint. Double floating ceiling must be another stunning texture added to this awesome apartment.