Admiring Fuoco Apartment in Italy which as Striking Convenience

Last year, the Archisbang has finished an apartment in Turin, Italy. Fuoco is the name of the building in which it has two master bedroom. Of course, the bedroom has equipped with bathroom. Indeed, they want to present a modern apartment with stylish concept. Okay, the interior design applies lacquer hardwood floor. Further, it blends with the grey accent of some parts in the living room. The grey accent looms on the shabby chic l shaped sofa, stucco wall, window frame, and the chair.

Nonetheless, this area still adds artistic focal points. It is visualized with pretty maroon curtains, sconces, and big wall mounted painting. Even, two of those focal points until decorate the pleasurable kitchen and dining area. Natural wooden kitchen island becomes the preparation table for cooking and eating. In the other hand, the dining room is cool. Nice white straight table chooses the excellent leather chairs in black. Seemly, this room is warm from the splendid interior lighting and nature accent.

Nevertheless, you will find the fact this area uses different floor. Kitchen still sets on the charcoal stucco floor in which it becomes the room divider. Well, I ask you to stop in comfortable minimalist home office. It has red curtain door that near the kitchen. The room puts wooden computer desk that is good for the device. In this room, they add fetching swivel chairs and filing cabinet. Geometric laminate floor is the most beautiful accent in bedroom. Yet, rustic style wardrobe will steal your sight too.

Marvelous white platform bed stands with mirrored metal base. Evidently, the bed takes grey accent from the pillows. Overall, this room is harmonious with warm and serenity ambience. Eccentric bathroom design has rough stucco room divider. It separates the mesmerizing shower area and vanity sets. Once again, Italy presents new look from the Fuoco apartment design. I hope you have the change to enjoy it right away.