Adorable and Relaxing Stockholm Apartment Embracing Scandinavian Style

I don’t know the reasons why most homes in Sweden have Scandinavian style. However, the style is indeed very special because it can bring simplicity, elegance and comfort into any home. Therefore, many people outside Sweden are also interested to apply Scandinavian style in their homes. In this post, I want to discuss an adorable apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden. Just like other living place in the country, the apartment also embraces Scandinavian style that can pamper its residents with beautiful and relaxing theme.

The Stockholm apartment has size of about 1,238 feet. Neutral tones, especial white and beige, are widely employed for the interior to create bright and spacious feeling. Light beige walls evoke calm in the living room; they combine beautifully with the wooden floor. Meanwhile, a wonderful chandelier is hung from the white ceiling. A curved glass coffee table set on a rug brings unique impression in the space. Comfortable white sofa with several pillows stands near the piece.

Brown floor tiles help the dining area to have warm atmosphere. The area also looks rather attractive because a patterned rug in white, red and blue tones is laid on the floor. A white round dining table stands on it and surrounded by four artistic black chairs. Pendant lamp and glass windows make the dining room appear bright. The glass windows interestingly have built-in shelf for displaying pot of flowers and small vases.

Compared with the other rooms, I think the kitchen has more modern impression. The square recessed lights may deliver the impression. Multiple white cabinets installed on a wall obviously provide great storage for the apartment owners. They can be used for keeping many kitchen utensils. The white kitchen countertop is very functional because it has built-in stove. Square patterned tiles in neutral tones attach on the kitchen backsplash and creating greater beauty in the space. You may don’t live in Sweden, but it’s alright to apply Scandinavian style in your home.