Alluring Mediterranean Kitchens Employs the Use of Natural Colors

Mediterranean decor employs the use of natural colors, especially from leaves, sea and sun. Yellow, blue, turquoise, green and brown are a few examples of the colors. Thus, you must be able to find great natural beauty in Mediterranean rooms. The main focus of this article is on Mediterranean kitchen.

The first picture shows you an example of Mediterranean kitchen. Natural material and colors really dominate the kitchen. Wooden floor and cabinets bring warmth. Meanwhile, cream color applies on the wall and creating calming feel. The kitchen countertop is interestingly decorated with small blue and turquoise tiles. The same tiles are used for adorning the kitchen island. However, the kitchen island is added with brown and cream accent tiles. A basket of fruits are nicely put on the furniture piece for creating fresher look.

Yellow walls really create cheerful nuance in the second Mediterranean kitchen. If you have ever visited Mediterranean countries, the yellow walls may also remind you of color of the warm sun. The yellow walls harmoniously combine with the white kitchen countertop and cabinets. A lot of small recessed lightings create even more attractive look in the kitchen. The large dark gray granite kitchen island is installed in the center area. The other appealing pieces in the Mediterranean kitchen are round black dining table and chairs.

Well, I don’t know whether you have already visited Mediterranean countries or not. However, there is no need to be hesitated for applying Mediterranean decor in your kitchen. The typical colors of Mediterranean decor can turn an ordinary kitchen into the captivating one. Then, the kitchen can be used perfectly for cooking, gathering, or entertaining. I personally consider Mediterranean kitchen is one of the most wonderful kitchens in the world. The foods produced in Mediterranean kitchen are usually also very delicious. It’s actually the best thing I love from the kitchen!