Artistic House that Blends Primitive and Modern Elements

In this post, I want to introduce Chinkara House. It’s a spacious house that you can find in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Since the house is spacious, it certainly features many rooms. It’s an ideal living space for a big family. The house owner may even invite some friends or relatives to stay.

Designed by Joana de Goyzueta, you need to know Chinkara House is not just spacious. The house also has amazing and artistic design that combines tradition and modernity. Although the living space is located in a city, it’s surrounded by tall green trees. Therefore, the house occupants may have impression that they live in the middle of a forest. Primitive and modern elements are greatly used in the house for creating unique and artistic combination.

You can already see the beauty of Chinkara House from its exterior. White walls amazingly combine with exposed stone wall. Glass windows with red frames creates welcoming and stunning look. The house also has white concrete fence with a few holes. The holes interestingly look like primitive caves. The area around the holes can be an amusing playground for kids. Meanwhile, wonderful wooden tiles decorate the floor of the home interior. They bring bold natural feel and warmth.

The living space is very bright and inviting because it has glass walls. A few potted plants even decorate the space. Brown leather sofa provides very comfortable seating there. A tribal print rug lies on floor in front of the sofa. Tree trunk coffee table is set on it. You can also find a light blue table in the living area. An impressive buffalo skull decorates the piece.

Well, the house even has a special room with amazing wooden ceiling. The room is special because it’s used for showcasing artistic works. Unique paintings in traditional and modern styles hang on the white walls. Meanwhile, white cubes are set in the room for displaying small statues. If you’re a modern person who has high appreciation to primitive culture, you must love the Chinkara House.