Attractive Brick wall as a Living Space Accent

Having some accent within the wall in certain living space must be a very good stuff that you want to have. You can get a very beautiful looking living space design if you give some accents on it. A brick accent wall could be an answer for it. It provides you with unique and a bit vintage touch within.

The white scheme in the living room looks even more beautiful with a brick wall on it. This living room which has a big sectional on it, looks more extraordinary with the accent wall on it. In the accent brick wall, you can also see there is a fireplace and TV on it. The white color of the brick represents the fit design with the white wall on it.

In the other hand, you can also find a white living room scheme with a brick accent wall on it. However, the red color of the brick wall here, is totally different from the previous one. It looks like the bright color of this brick wall design will be the best idea to make this living room more alive.

For a bedroom, design, you can also have this kind of brick accent on it. A low-ceiling bedroom will looks so beautiful with the brick accent wall on it. The red color of the wall will be a very god thing that makes this bedroom more endearing. The big white bed here looks so nice with the brick wall on it. The LED lightings on the ceiling is a proof of modern touch in this brick wall bedroom.

Of course, a full-brick wall design in the entire indoor space will be so lame. However, you can have this kind of idea to accentuate certain living space. The brick accent wall could be a good choice that you can have to make the design even more special.