Attractive High End Contemporary Home design in Florida

Luxurious house must be an attractive thing that you want to get. With a big pool area within the house, it would be a very stunning house. Moreover, having a lavish design all over the house will adds the attractiveness of this house. This house that called Estuary Custom 4 is located in Naples, Florida. It considered to have a high end contemporary design that is, of course, so dazzling!

The façade view of this house might be looks so formal and a bit more traditional. However, you can see a symmetrical scene within this façade. Then, it also has a so different nuance inside which could amaze you. The big swimming pool with a lot of lounge chairs will make you like in heaven.

The indoor interior design also equally amazing! The huge sectional sofa in this house will be the most interesting thing that you can get. There is also a small wooden coffee table that makes this design complete. Meanwhile, the kitchen which is separated from this space has a black scheme which so elegant too. The black kitchen island with a granite top on it looks so stunning too.

Next to it, you will find a contemporary dining room which looks so awesome with an abstract painting in the wall. The rectangular table with some wooden chairs on it seems to be a very good looking stuff that you can get. Then, you can also find a comfortable family room too.

With a quite big TV screen and black sectional sofa, this room would be the favorite to gather with the family. There is also a billiard pool in which you can play with your family member. This luxurious house design seems to be so interesting for everybody who wants to live on it. The exterior and interior design will spoil the inhabitants here.