Attractive Modern House in Natural Environment

A seamless border between indoor and outdoor space would be a special thing in a house design. Moreover, if it well merge with the natural environment. This MH house has the awesome interplay that will be an enjoyable thing within the house design. This harmonious house is located in Jambeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The amazing façade with a natural environment around it would be a very interesting thing that you can get. The big tree that separate two the façade into two façades is a proof that this house still maintain the natural environment. The modern exterior design of it is showed by the angular design of this building. You can also see some greeneries that make this house look so endearing.

The glass frame in this house design makes the design so open. It also allows much sunshine to come side the house. The tile flooring and wooden plank on the ceiling will make this house even more comfortable. This glass frames also make the design becomes seamless. There is a garden within the house that could connect with any other room within the house.

Meanwhile, also a swimming pool would make you feel more comfortable within this house. Two lounge chairs on it will allow you to enjoy and relax the natural surroundings o this house. In the other side, you can find a more natural space too. From this place, you could feel that this house has becomes the part of the green natural space.

This modern house design would be a very interesting thing that you can get. As you can see, the natural nuance of this house must be the main attraction for this house. That environment could also be a good side for this modern house. Thus, it would be an attractive modern house with natural surroundings.