Awesome Kitchen Island with Sink

Kitchen island becomes the crucial furniture in the kitchen. To maximize its function, kitchen island needs smart design which also encompasses sink in it. It aims to get effective island for the kitchen. First kitchen island performs brown granite countertop. This countertop performs spacious space under the chic pendant lamp. This kitchen island accommodates the sink beside the great stove. The sink in this kitchen island performs cool style from its curving faucet.

This sink also performs maximum function in this kitchen island. The sink in this kitchen looks perfect in this granite countertop. Occupying the edge side of the countertop, this sink performs strategic location to wash anything in this sink. Granite countertop is suitable to be the space in holding water splash from the sink. The sink in this granite countertop completes perfect function kitchen island.

Next kitchen island performs white glossy body. This kitchen island looks perfect in providing the sink area in a great space. The sink of this kitchen island performs deep rectangle space with the metallic faucet. This sink finishes the view in the glossy white countertop. This kitchen island has rectangle shape which accommodates the sink in the middle part of the island. This kitchen island with sink looks so fresh with the flower arrangement in the vas. Pink tube headlamp of pendant lamps gives sweetness to this white kitchen island with sink.

The last kitchen island performs the square stainless steel sink. This sink performs black faucet. This kitchen island with sink looks so awesome with the brown tiles countertop. Wooden white body of this kitchen island performs artistic style over the brown tile floor. This kitchen island with sink provides the sink in the edge side of the island so that the rest space could accommodate more things near the sink. This kitchen island performs effective and practical performance. After all, those kitchen island with sink perform awesome effectively performance for the kitchen furniture.