Awesome Living Room from Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Living room is a main social space in a house. Thus, living room should have the awesomeness. Probably these following ideas could shape awesomeness of living room. These contemporary living room ideas will serve the awesome performance of living room. First contemporary idea comes with the white accent of living room. This living room applies contemporary furniture in contemporary style. White ceiling looks so fresh over the black floor.

White sheer window shutter gives harmonious flow to the wide glass window. The white wall looks chic accommodates brown palette. This palette holds the white shelves over TV stand. White board is hung on the bottom part of this brown palette. Black and white sofas look awesome in this appearance. Black accent pours into the back side of sofa while white accent pours into front part of sofa. Black wooden coffee table looks awesome over the white fiber rug.

Next idea embraces spacious space of contemporary living room. This room spreads smooth lighting from the small integrated lamps. Wide glass doors and windows in full length allow to enjoy the natural view in the outside. Some colorful paintings adorn the white wall over the black TV stand. This is rectangle black stand which has the metallic handles. This black cabinet shows sharp feeling in front of the calm seating area. The brown sofas look calm around the rectangle glass coffee table. Green rug looks fresh in this contemporary living room.

The last idea shows the white and green accents of contemporary living room. This living room is rich of glass walls, which performs blue view of skyline. The green curtains cover the glass windows and spreads fresh atmosphere. L-shaped white sofa looks so serene to accommodate the green cushions. Glass cubic coffee table embraces glass flower vas perfectly. Bright wooden floor performs contemporary accent in this living room. Overall, those contemporary living room ideas bring awesomeness in the contemporary interior.