Binding the Indoor and Outdoor Style with Breathtaking Features in Modern Rose Residence

Come to Callifornia because I know a house with the breathtaking design. That house is not only breathtaking from the outdoor but also indoor. Exactly, it is in Vista Las Palmas, Palm Springs. By the way, this modern contemporary house calls as rose. Yeah, it is modern rose residence with stunning concept and sophisticated elements. Alright, we prove the statement above from the outdoor. Great mountain behind becomes the majestic background. It stands right behind that modern earth tone house.

Meanwhile, in front of the house, there is superb lawn and two charcoal stone tracks. Further, some palm trees surround that house. Of course, it becomes the first appeal before you reach the front door. Now, walk closer to that exterior decoration. Here, you will find shocking elements. Firstly, it comes from the chic perforated exterior wall. Then, the gorgeous slate wall between the window and door gives natural interest. Catchy short wide foyer becomes the fronted area which greets you. The minimalist beautiful decoration is beautiful.

Moreover, there is unique wall ornaments. Walk to the living room straightaway. There, bright focal points on the wall and the coffee table. Nevertheless, that interior design resembles like snow because of the dominant white hue. Besides the focal point, this spot gets the fresh convenience from the outdoor swimming pool. A slate stone fireplace also breaks the plain of the whiteness. Further, the kitchen and dining area aside this room looks stylish. Here, pure white chairs and stools combine the warm custom kitchen sets.

Then, it gets blue accent, fashionable glass table, and alluring pendant light. Indeed, the social area faces off that mountain. Evidently, there is more attractive view at night. Yeah, it comes from the swimming pool feature from outside. Okay, it is the extraordinary and inspiring. Between the nature role and the home style is balance. Do you know whom responsible about that dwell? Well, that amazing building concept is the artwork of H3K Design.