Blue and Brown Bedroom Performs Marvelous Bedroom

Blue always gives cool accent in a bedroom and brown gives calm accent in a bedroom. When two accents are blended into one palette of bedroom, the bedroom will perform marvelous bedroom like these following pictures. First picture brings white palette. White wall pours the stripes brown wallpaper in this bedroom. The brown accent also performs brown fiber rug.

Blue accent comes in the blue tufted headboard. Blue bed is blended with this brown rug. Glass side-table becomes the neutral accent of two different accents. Blue accent also touched the headlamp of table lamp. This table lamp has glass spiral handle. White chair looks pure in front of the glass window. Blue frame glass performs cool and fresh accents. This accent embraces calm accent of the brown curtain. This curtain performs chic design through the sporadic layers.

Next marvelous bedroom performs dominate brown and little blue. Basically, this bedroom has the white and brown accented wall. This bedroom also applies the brown accent in wooden floor. This floor gives natural brown accent. Brown headboard holds the blue and brown pillows. Blue motif on brown blanket also seems so artistic and harmonious. Brown wooden side table camouflage the brown stand of white table lamp. Brown cabinet in the corner accommodates the flower on the vas. White window allows brown curtain to cover it.

Last bedroom performs the brown accent and blue accent in the same portion. This bedroom applies blue accent on the wall which is balanced with the glossy brown floor. Blue rug area touches this floor looks cool. Blue bed with blue bed equipments lay on the brown wooden frame. White headboard gives neutral feeling in those two accents. Blue mural on the blue wall looks peaceful above the white headboard. Brown side tables look calm in accommodating the white totally table-lamps. After all, those bedrooms perform harmonious combination of blue and brown accents.