Busy Kitchens with Beautiful Wooden Finished Porcelain Floor Tiles

Technology has made it possible for porcelain tiles to have wooden finish. Porcelain tiles with wooden finish have more advantages than the original wooden tiles. One of the advantages is that they are waterproof. Thus, the tiles must be very durable. They can work very effectively in a very busy kitchen while still offering beautiful and natural look.

In the first picture, you can see a lovely New York kitchen with light wooden finished floor. The floor looks so natural, right? Some people may even think that it’s made from the original wood. In fact, the main material for the floor is porcelain. White island with stainless steel legs stands on the floor. It’s adorned with a vase of wonderful purple flowers and complemented with two wooden stools.

Moving to the second picture, there is a traditional-style Atlanta Kitchen. Different from the previous kitchen, this Atlanta kitchen has wooden finished floor in dark color. Therefore, you can feel greater warm atmosphere there. White island and cabinets create nice combination of colors. The kitchen is even interconnected with a comfortable living room. Sofa, chair and coffee table decorates the living area. I think the kitchen can be a good place to gather with family.

Wooden finished porcelain floor tiles can also be suitable for a modern kitchen as you can see from the third kitchen. It’s an elegant modern kitchen with a rather dark nuance. Square porcelain tiles with dark wooden finish decorate the kitchen floor very elegantly. The tiles even come with very realistic wooden grains.

They make the modern kitchen look more special. Small black tiles even attach on a wall. The original wooden tiles are very beautiful, but unfortunately, they are not waterproof. For a busy kitchen, I recommend the use of wooden finished porcelain tiles. They will be the better choice.