Contemporary and Industrial Blend within a Penthouse Design

Having a wonderful penthouse is what everybody asking about. It always interesting to have a fascinating penthouse. This Karakoy Loft that reflect a contemporary lifestyle is located in Istanbul. The contemporary design of it is represent the owner characteristic. The blend of contemporary design with some industrial feels would be a promising style for this penthouse design.

As you can see, this penthouse is looking so miraculous. The huge glass frame on it would make this design becomes so endearing. You can see the city view from this place. Combined with the wooden planks for the ceiling, this penthouse design looks just splendid. Moreover, there is some hanging pendant lamps that looks so hype for industrial design.

Under the lamps, you can see a white comfortable sofa that would be a very good stuff for it. The rectangular coffee table on it seems to be a very good choice that you can get for sure. Alongside with the accent chair on it, this living room design looks so endearing. Moreover, some contemporary decorations look so unique on it.

In the loft, you can see industrial styled bookcase that fills the wall on the loft. In the other side, you can also see a white bed with white mattress on it. It might be looks so simple, but it is enough for this penthouse design. Next to the bedroom, you can see a simple bathroom design. The frozen glass door on it would be the great thing for it.

The loft penthouse design is a very interesting thing for everybody. Even though it usually designed for a person or couple, but it could be a good alternative for those who want to enjoy having on top. In this penthouse, you can enjoy the miraculous interior design alongside with the amazing city view.