Contrast Outlook in Neutral Italian Kitchen Design with Warm Sense

Through Forty/5 and the Reef, Italian kitchen style comes with new innovation. In two styles, you never know about boring again. The timeless design makes it always charming and get rid the other styles. The first Italian kitchen style brings natural light theme. Bright outdoor lighting keeps blends to the gorgeous mess pendant lamp. Even, it mixes the LED light fixture on the wall cabinet. Light brown wooden wall panel and cupboard cheer up this room. Indeed, it maintains the modern neutral theme.

Nice white pantry cabinet looks sleek. It integrates to the wall unit and with white tiered shelves. Then, cool plain white base cabinet balance it. By the way, that kitchen is small but dining area still fills it well. The pendant lamp above influences beautiful dining area. Further, there is cute mid-century Eames chairs with green focal point. They hug the catchy round white Lucite table. An eccentric feature adds the impressive sense through the grey pallet wall.

Mesmerizing Italian kitchen still carries neutral theme. Eclectic brick accent wall paints in beige. As usual, it meets with flawless white wall. Black framed window also has the same function such as the first. Even though, it still mixes with stylish black pendant lamps. In the other hand, there is alluring studio lamp opposite to the grey heater. Noticeable white hue is distinctively seen on the brick wall. It is long cupboard and then mixes the metal typography wall art.

Contemporary wooden accent decorates the white wall. It is visualized with enthralling pantry cabinet. The similar material is finest large bar. Here, it integrates with the grey kitchen island. Is this room cold? Of course, it is not. This Italian kitchen is warm and tranquil. Wooden furniture and the wall realize it. Even, white hardwood flooring ideas realize it. So, it is Italian kitchen design which is contrast from the usual design.