Converting an Old Warehouse into a Comfortable Living Space

Renovating a house might be not a hard task to do. However, what if we have to convert certain old space into a new living space? Here, we will talk about space conversion of a warehouse which is turned into a magnificent residence. This once a Caviar warehouse which located in Manhattan, has a very awesome changes that imbued industrial design on it.

As you can see, the awesome architecture design of the old warehouse is still affect a lot in residence. However, the contemporary interior design on it, totally change the atmosphere into a cool space to live. The small garden with various small plants portrayed in a very good way within the outdoor space of this house design.

The wooden stairs from the small garden will bring you to the indoor design which looks so awesome and interesting. The brick wall in this living space comes from the old warehouse, while the big space on it allowing the designer to have an open plan for it. They living room, kitchen and dining area in the same space must be so outstanding. Moreover, it has a very big space so that you do not need to worry about it for more.

Meanwhile, there is another stairs that lead into the rooftop. Here, you can see the rooftop patio design which seems to be so comfortable for everybody. With a beautiful garden design which more complex than the small one, it looks worth to have. Some outdoor furniture on it will make the place more comfortable. Moreover, you can see a beautiful scenery here.

This warehouse renovation has turned into a very awesome looking living space with some modern interior design on it. The splendid interior on it will be a very interesting thing that you need to think about. It is a very brilliant way to remodel a warehouse into a comfortable living space.