Converting Canada Tire Shop into a Warm Working Station and Living Spaces

Treating an apartment is sometimes easy and difficult at once. It needs creativity to work with to get classy look. In this chance, I would like to show you an amazing home design transformed from a tire shop. It’s really a stunning work combining style, art, and also passion into a Scandinavian outlook. Small space to socialize and work at once forces the designer to create a breakthrough working a special dwelling as follow.

The rustic wooden column installed to the ceiling could be the focal point in this show. Aligning in that elegant look, it is a traditional hint to feel the tire shop former. Black sprial staircase crawls to the loft as its material was taken from the old one from the base function.

To meet your needs, small kitchen is working well facing several galleries of art. Meanwhile, socializing with friends and family could be held in the middle area of those two. With two white vault pendants, everything turns into the real Scandinavian nuance with several wooden hints.

Furher, yellow backsplash of the kitchen pops up the ambience into such cheerful tone to encourage your working time. Letting the window brings the outside view indoor is amazing to keep the room bright with natural light. Compromising with natural is the theme of this conversion. To work in small kitchen is not too bad.

It offers you intimacy instead. Brick wall accent could be the best part to show its rustic look to your guest. Reading a book and enjoying a cup of coffee is the best idea to do. Saving the space with recessed bookshelves, aside the bathroom is truly amazing. It seems that the designer does not intend to leave a single part empty without creativity. Wall lighting and the ceiling one are awesome to keep the night in joy and peace.