Cool Remodeling of the Townhouse by Rebecca Mitchell

Rebecca Mitchell alters her house that spreads over 1.400 square feet. This abode with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms is right for small family. Nowadays, it has black and white color scheme and it becomes the simple townhouse. Obvious, Rebecca remodels it until in the kitchen. Eccentric living room is clearly visible from the area rug. Even, it is able to beautify the glass coffee table atop. Indeed, this area has many exquisite focal points.

Firstly, the stripped sofa has astounding patterned cushion. Yet, it still adds yellow throw blanket and pillow. The coffee table decorates with unique cheap tree branch centerpiece. Afterward, this room puts zebra pattern armchair. Soon we see the alteration of the kitchen with dining area. U shaped kitchen is warm before it gets the revamped. It uses brown tile countertop and yellow lighting ideas. Delightful dining area place aside with modest hardwood table and crisp railing chairs.

The kitchen looks spacious with the similar layout. Actually, it distinguishes on the countertop which uses black granite tile. Further, the brick pattern backsplash supports it. This time, the kitchen looks stylish and fresh with little bit sophisticated touch. Nevertheless, the dining area not gets much change. She just changes with chic runner table pad and tulip flower decoration. Alright, bedroom looks beautiful with adorable bouquet in the fancy glass nightstand. Nonetheless, green padded headboard and the floral pattern pillows have stolen your stare first.

That room decorates with white stucco partition. Extravagant home office set behind with artistic theme. Pretty icicle chandelier combines the framed wall art. Meanwhile, the home office furniture uses pure black hue. Basement design gives inspiration for the designer to make it as the family room. It uses masculine style with figure photo wall art. Besides that, the furniture item is unique and intriguing. Okay, it is the result of the Rebecca’s house remodel. Have you thought to bargain the price?