Endearing Contemporary Kitchen Design with more Functional Space

Designing a contemporary kitchen is not an easy task. The sleek and stylish features with the functional space on it become so identic to this kitchen design. These kitchens, which dubbed as orange revolution is designed by Michele macron. You will see some splendid kitchen designs which look so modern with more awesome design on it.

First, you can see a modular kitchen design on it. The endearing design within an open plan design is not an easy task. The wooden kitchen table with grey accents on it looks so awesome for sure. This kitchen table still integrated with the coffee table storage of the living room. In the other side, you can see sleek grey cabinetry with a huge bookcase next to it.

In the other hand, you can see a red kitchen scheme with some motifs that accentuate it. The big partition on it seems to be a good choice to make sure that the kitchen is in different space from the living room. There is a dining set next to it. Thus, it would be simpler for you to deliver the meal into those big dining set.

Meanwhile, you can also see a simple kitchen design with a beautiful design on it. The small space in the kitchen is not a big burden in design. The sectional shape of the sleek grey cabinetry would be a very good stuff that you need for it. Some motifs on the wall with red open shelving on it make this kitchen design complete.

Designing a contemporary kitchen design becomes not an easy job. There are a lot of things that you need to consider on it. However, you also need to make sure that you can get a very endearing looking kitchen within this design. Thus, you can get a functional space all along the kitchen.