Endearing Tahan Villa with Natural Environment and Beach View

Green Landscape and natural rock would be a very entertaining environment for a house. Moreover, if it overlooking a bay. The Tahan Villa in Kifour, Lebanon, has it all. The vibrant nuance of it will bring you to a comfortable house with a contemporary design. The location of it that is near a beach with natural environment will also be the interesting part.

The amazing looking façade of this house would be a very amusing thing that you can get. The green landscape on it represent the natural environment around it. They concrete exterior with some wooden materials on it seems to be a great combination for sure. Alongside with the glass frames all along, it would be a great villa even though it were built in an oblique contour.

Inside the house, you can see a splendid result of interior design. Utilize the oblique contour, this house build an indoor garden that looks so natural. There is also tree within the living room that could freshen up the atmosphere. The natural feeling is totally brought into the house.

Meanwhile, for the interior, you can see a very endearing looking living space it is. The marble tile flooring would be a glamorous choice for this house. Those glass frames would give a great view inside the house. It would also let many natural lights to come inside. Since it is located a bit on top, you can see the beautiful Mediterranean Sea from here.

This house is a very entertaining house that you can get. The overlooking Mediterranean Sea with natural environment would be the main amusement for it. Moreover, with a splendid interior design, you can get a very comfortable place in this Villa. In conclusion, this Tahan Villa would be the best choice for those who love natural and beach nuance for sure.