Engrossing Volume in Black and White Hue Mirrored by Romanian House

Looking at contrast pantone in some interior seems to dominate today’s design. It may get relation with the urban lifestyle with its brave tone to confront several tones naturally. Chocolate milk composition may become the most favorite design followed by the neutral black and white and other sleek lines usually appear in modern interior design. Fortunately, Timisoara presents a house with great contraction of pantone in Roma. It compromises with volume, color, and alignment shaping a C house.

Great alignment and the posh white black colors creates stunning look of strength and cleanliness. Highlighted with white horizontal structure balanced with the dynamic vertical design, it is sure allows you to enjoy the greatest virtual outlook. Overlooking the front pool is the holy addict to keep your mood high in this house with cubic style.

Bathed in natural sunlight at day, it is a warm home to keep your body and mind relax under the custom of Romanian taste. To pamper every detail of the fore front view, bringing it indoor trough the floor to ceiling glassy window is really amazing. Black stony wall covering the house borders the outside business for private option.

Meanwhile, strict cut of putting green area in front of the house shows you the awe in great style. Two-canopy umbrella are flexible to open or close based on your need. Open living room could be the best spot to hang out while breathing the fresh air and overlooking the poolside.

Order must be the key of this delicious touch of cubic design into a great volume in C house. Even the floor is also appealing in black and white tone. Making small creek of pebble to limit the building and the courtyard is a stylish way to keep best detail in every inch. Floating white sculptural staircase must be the focal point of the design anyway.