Entrancing Bathroom Designs from Edone Design

In designing a bathroom, we will have a different preference from one another. It would be differ from budget and functions of bathroom that we want to have. Here, we will try to show you some bathroom designs collection from Edone Design which might could inspire you in getting an impressive looking bathroom.

First, you can see a shabby grey scheme within the bathroom. The spacious space in this bathroom design will be comfortable for a lot of people. There is a wooden hanging vanity with a white basin on it that looks captivating. Alongside with the rectangular mirror next to it, this kind of vanity will be a good addition for it. The glass frame within the shower will also add the beauty of this bathroom design.

After that, you can also see a white scheme bathroom with a wooden flooring on it. The hanging vanity with unique mirrors fixture above it seem to be a good addition for this kind of design. The white scheme eon it also creates a clean and neat atmosphere inside. However, the shower room which is beyond the wall, provide you with more privacy on it.

In the other side, you can see a uniquebathroom design which remodeled from a dull one. The rectangular mirror with a white sleek vanity below it makes this bathroom looks sophisticated. Moreover, there is a white Jacuzzi tub that looks so comfortable too. Some wooden materials within this bathroom will be a good way to accentuate the modern design with some sustainable material.

The bathroom designs form Edone Design could be a good inspiration for you in designing your own bathroom. You might have your own preference, but those examples could bring you to a fabulous looking bathroom for sure. Hopefully, it could help you a lot in designing a bathroom.