Escaping from Modern Style into Country Living Room

Dare you to leave this modern lifestyle? Do you want to escape from downtown to suburb? Exactly, you don’t need to really escape yourself just to enjoy a countryside atmosphere because you can make it in your own room. Once you ready to feel the ambience to live in countryside, a country living room design is ready to serve you. Let’s see following ideas.

Established in a small space under stairs, this narrow living room could bring you away enjoying suburb nuance. Creamy tone contrasts the wooden floor elegantly to show the real country outlook. It doesn’t intend to make you exhausted, the semi modern creamy sofa could pamper you with its soft and adorable touch.

Meanwhile, the two end tables flanking never let you to mourn in this stunning room. Set facing a brick fireplace, you can feel the real warm living room both the condition and atmosphere. Further, large bay window tries to decline the line between outdoor and indoor in its transparent style. Two white wall accents attached merge into the creamy backdrop. With less colorful interior, you will really feel the nuance of living in countryside.

Another design still offers you less border of the two different spaces: outside and inside. Trough the large transparent door, you are able to enjoy the fresh air from inside the home. In addition, the elegant sliding door style enables you to walk out the room enjoying from balcony.

Further, laying on the black leather sofa design is lovable with black coffee table in front of it to confront the pure white backdrop. Several pots of decorative plants align in row to prettify the outlook. Defining the room with several ornaments is a good idea to share your artistry sense. With golden lighting design on the ceiling, it glows the room in yellowish tone for more romantic suburb atmosphere.