Fantastic Exterior and Interior Design of Casa SE in Mexico

The shape and form of certain building will be an important aspect in creating and designing the house whether it is contemporary, traditional or modern design. Here, we will show you how those aspects could determine much about the type. The house that called Casa SE is spotted in western part of Guadalajara, Mexico. This huge house provides you with a comfortable and spacious living space inside it.

From the outside, you can see that this building has a very beautiful geometric shape which underline the modern concepts. The greenery and plants within the front yard will be a very good addition that makes this house more comfortable. The texture and lines that presented within the garage area also look so amazing for it.

For the interior design, you can see a spacious space with big glass windows in almost rooms. Just like this living room design which has a bunch of cozy furniture on it. The elegance and comfort in this living space is totally portrayed with the big glass sliding door next to it. The dining area that located behind it will complete the open layout in this area. Wooden materials on the dining room furniture are the sustainable one that you can get.

The simple stairs design with a wooden banister and glass frame will lead you to the second floor. The narrow hallway in the second floor looks so beautiful with the wooden wall panel all along it. Meanwhile, you can find a comfortable bedroom with a glass bay window so that it will be more comfortable.

In the rooftop, you can get a gorgeous patio design. Here, you can relax and enjoy the evening within the grey outdoor furniture set. This Casa Se which designed by Elias RizoArquitectos has a lot of fantastic space which looks so modern and sophisticated even though applying some sustainable materials one it.