Flawless Family Loft in Demark always Nurture your Happiness

Morten Bo Jensen is the owner of this loft. In fact, this contemporary loft is the incarnation of the Viking pencil factory. The location is in central Copenhagen, Denmark. Jensen combines exposed beam, industrial features, and brick wall. Scandinavian interior room decorates this social area. Masculine living area becomes the largest spot here. Nonetheless, it looks minimalist and elegant. Comfy l shaped grey sofa is overlooking the ergonomic leather chair and noticeable black coffee table. Around this open space decorates with some aspects.

Creative wall unit uses five square bookcases. It attaches on the flawless wall with many framed art and displays. Evidently, Smart bright home office sets aside. Hanging bike storage and the dark wood sliding door decorate this room too. Further, exact behind the sofa is awesome built-in firewood storage. Certainly, freestanding metal fireplace puts aside. By the way, I see brilliant black interior succulent planter. This room divider adds catchy tiered shelves. Aside that planter is Nordic dining space with twin vaulted pendant lamps.

Underneath, there are pretty white vases as the table centerpiece. Then, the dining area uses industrial large table and black acrylic chair. Gothic black kitchen and the mudroom spot are situated in both sides. The kitchen has massive black wall accent for the cornerpantry cabinet. Great kitchen island looks afore with straight exhaust hood and tiered shelves. Although the theme of the kitchen is dark, it is always shiny. Definitely, stained skylight and glass door replace the pendant light duty at daytime.

Alright, we go to the mudroom. Two large oak rectangular benches puts with storage beneath. Modest metal cloth rod hangs atop aside the trendy arm sconces. Surely, it is enough to hang your coat or jacket. Okay, return to the small hallway aside the firewood storage. In fact, it leads us to the kid’s playroom and bathroom. I ensure that this room always nurtures warmth in your life. Throw away your doubt and be sure to live here.