Giving Dash of Modern Touch for Great Alteration in Victorian Elwood House

Elwood House is a contemporary living in Victoria, Australia. Robert Nichol & Sons transform it becomes more cheerful. By additional modern extension and ventilation erases the bad sense of this house. Private façade house is visualized with dark brick and metal gate mixing. They surround the friendly shipping pallet wood wall with black framed windows. New design living room connects to the backyard together the long galley kitchen. Black framed front door looms from the minimalist living room.

Beautiful cowhide rug combines the stylish wall fireplace. Besides that, it mixes the cozy grey sofas. Fancy dining space puts under stair. It is closer to the front door than the living area. Okay, I ask you back to the living area. Sectional glass siding door installs behind the grey sofa. Certainly, those doors make you easy to reach the backyard. One of those home structures opens to the kitchen. By the way, the kitchen layout adds entertainment spot of catchy kitchen island bar.

Another sitting room detached from the main area. It is near to the bedroom. Even though, this family spot looks more spacious with mid-century style touch. Comfy dark brown sofas meet with white fluffy rug and cool glass coffee table. This space has dazzle corner storage and wide ranges of accessories. Modest neutral bathroom design applies shabby chic white tile backsplash. Further, calming dark chocolate tile floor and wooden floating cabinet balance it. Around the fancy vanity, sets are narrow walk in shower and tub.

Impressive sight comes on the backyard with enchanting outdoor lighting. Don’t skip each moment of this through the living room window nook or rooftop patio. Besides that, you may to enjoy it while drink wine in your kitchen bar. Façade house design after the gate has more natural decoration. Even, it feels contrast toward the backyard and the interior plan. Well, appreciate this Australian house, which has smart renovation style.