Gorgeous Contemporary Bedroom Designs in Mediterranean Style

The beauty of nature in Italy, Greece, Spain and Morocco inspires mediterranean style. Employing natural colors and elements, the style can evoke beauty and romanticism. If you want to bring those impressions into your bedroom, then don’t be hesitated to apply Mediterranean style there. The following are contemporary bedroom designs in Mediterranean style to give you inspiration.

No one can deny that this contemporary Mediterranean-style bedroom is really breathtaking. The space has glass walls which offer wonderful scene of green hill and blue ocean. When the bedroom occupant requires privacy, then he or she can use the long cream curtains to cover the walls. Large wooden beams installed on the ceiling enhance the natural feel. A foamy white bed with four posters inevitably provides great comfort. An old chest is interestingly set at the end of the bed. White tufted chair and light blue chair bring even greater comfort into the bedroom.

There is bold calm and tranquility in the second contemporary bedroom because it has cream ceiling and walls. A beige bed with tufted headboard looks so beautiful there. The bedroom owner puts a turquoise pillow on the bed to enliven the area.

The pillow also makes the room to have Scandinavian theme because turquoise is a color often associated with Mediterranean Sea. A bench with turquoise upholstery is even placed at the foot of the bed. A small vase of pink flowers put on top of a storage unit creates romantic impression in the bedroom.

From the third picture, you can see a dramatic Mediterranean-style bedroom in bold blue and red color scheme. The space may remind you of Moroccan rooms. A captivating and awesome red bed is set against a wall. It’s flanked by artistic metal nightstands with ring-inspired table lamp. Attractive red ornament even adorns the wall behind the bed. You can also find long red curtain in the bedroom. If you never applied Mediterranean style in your bedroom, I think you should give it a try!