Imposing Kitchen Ceiling to Show Exciting Firm Combination

Some people might think that kitchen ceiling does not show great appeal to adore. However, some of you could be the one that expecting some kitchen design exposing ceiling to see the great combination. Besides, there is a need to impose the ceiling to show its industrial sense for more charming and adorable outlook anyway. You will not believe it till you scroll down the post below.

Do you like loft atmosphere? Then, you can create it purposively in your kitchen. Small black kitchen with zinc ceiling combination could be the coolest design. It tries to bring metal like inside for contrast effect. Like the black cabinetry with stainless steel handle and the metal panel attached to the wall.

Opening the backyard view to the kitchen is big trial of making warm natural ambience inside. In addition, feeling the mid-century atmosphere must be gorgeous trough wooden kitchen with great bold wooden column applied to the ceiling. It adds the firm looks to the entire design. Compiled with white wooden cabinetry, it is the pop pantone to balance the wooden look surrounding the room including the floor.

Meanwhile, a rustic kitchen tries to show off its thin metal roof. Aimed to contrast the rustic wooden appliances inside, it is the topstar to steal the show. Some metal combination attached to several wooden storage could be the hint of old-fashioned kitchen. Adding giant sink to the cabinetry is great idea to give different taste to kitchen design.

Again, wooden column seems to be the most favorite style to spruce the ceiling. Crossed over with iron tower, the ceiling looks even more stunning to face the cabinetry. LED light attached anywhere to show its modern hint and to reflect its awesome tone of the natural wood. Playing with large window is amazing to bring outdoor to indoor.