Impressing Living Room by Simple Living Room Ideas

Simple design could give great performance of a room, especially for the living room. Some following ideas perform impressing simple living room styles which look so awesome and gorgeous. First idea invites to apply the simple design in the small space of living room. This living room is in the small space which is close to the white ceiling. This living room smartly takes the benefit of green view in the outside.

Square glass windows capture the green view of lush trees. White sofa in horizontal arrangement stands under the glass windows. Some white frame of natural pictures stand in a middle row between sofa and windows. White velvet rug defines its pure accent to accommodate the white chairs. White curbing shelf looks chic in this simple room. A wide picture fulfills the empty view of the white wall. Next idea shows the calm accent simple living room.

This simple room looks spacious with the rectangle glass window. Fresh accent shows the green curtain over the large glass window. This simple room performs awesome floor through the brown carpet which has white spiral motif. Smooth brown sofas look harmonious in this room. glass circular coffee table seems so pure in the central of the brown carper. Black fireplace in the middle of white wall spreads warmth among the white shelves. Black cubic sofas allow to enjoy the fireplace greatly.

The last idea applies the calm accent of the simple living room. This room defines artistic way in white brick wall which accommodates black fireplace. White vaulted ceiling looks awesome to embrace this simple decoration. Glass windows in two sides of brick wall look gorgeous spreading the natural light. Wooden coffee table performs rectangle shape among the brown sofas. Wooden floor in this room defines warm in simple performance. Well, those ideas bring impressing simple design of living rooms.