Ingenious New York Apartment with Modern and Industrial Touch

It is like an endless trial to always offer you wonderful apartment design because it goes new and newer from time to time. Pursuing the best one may become everybody’s dream, but actually it depends on your own taste. Let me introduce you an unique apartment design with modern and industrial hints. Nestled over on a 750 square feet area, what a quite large apartment established in its firm boldest sculptural design. Offering one bedroom and other open plan living spaces will create the interior bit wider than before.

Built in the body of a stunning building in USA, fifth floor could overlook the amazing Sarah Roosevelt Park in New York. Crawling down to the city is not to far, and enjoying the entire look from the height is possible too. Exploring the interior, you will find it sophisticated with its wave like structure building the laundry room, powder room and also the storage. Modern and neat based on industrial order, it really provides you a neat and comfortable living space. Exposing brick wall washed in white tone, it brings you back to the old time where the industrial is begun.

Lemonade tone to fill the pale white could be the hint of modern style. It does not only prettify the outlook, but it also contrasts everything with its pop color. The window is not really large and tall, but it is able to fresh the air and bring the view inside. Contemporary kitchen slips in a corner with rustic touch for artistic look. Completed with seating, it could be your best spot to socialize while waiting the dawn.

Further, efficiency could be strengthened by the use of the recessed work station between large closet. Meanwhile, embossed honeycomb wall design is the topstar in this show to steal your attention. Some memos on the brick are not removed anyway that make it brings awesome effect instead.