Inserting Elenko Residence as your Future Living

Elenko Residence fulfills your main need in sustainable cover feature. That house nestled in Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada has natural setting. It combines modest and efficient quality, in fact. Okay, let me shows the work of CEI Architecture right away. Read more and find something worthy. Well, cool house building with semi-desert climate stands under the full sunlight. Around the house are mountain backdrop, lake, and minimalist outdoor garden. Flat roof and the white stucco wall clad the grey accent underneath.

Definitely, it mixes the floor-to-ceiling windows. By the way, stylish spacious patio looks awesome. It has wonderful landscape and modern outdoor fireplace. Soon arrange your plan to decorate it. Frameless glass banister only makes you safe but it is not hampers your desire to admire the view. Then, catchy large glass window separates warm and cold for different space. Alright, I ask to visit the kitchen immediately before you see the living room. Orange upholstered bar stools absolutely beautifies this contemporary small kitchen.

Own fresh outdoor view is a must. Clear kitchen window integrates the enchanting u shaped cabinet. Dark brown wood furniture is the main aspect for this spot. Nevertheless, white countertop and the metal appliances enhance this area well. What is the living room look like? The location is under amazing floating staircase. Black and white furniture combines the red accent for the corner pot. Alongside that, the room adds sharp brown fluffy rug. Indeed, it is minimalist but you never want to leave this room anymore.

Overall, the social area has plan like this. Living room and delightful dining space flank the staircase. The both face off the kitchen and another. In fact, the living area installs white sliding door to reach the garden soon. When you are in the upper level, you are still able to look the entire social area. My opinion this dwell is comfortable and bright. Live well in Columbia.