Invading a House Project in Granollers with Infill Urban Style

Talking about infill style, it seems like the generous act to save a small space for great structure idea. Filling the empty space between two existed buildings is a new way to create a new style of building a contemporary house. It is quite challenging to fit everything depends on the capacity of the rest land. Aside from those reason, a infill house design is also a new trait to spruce the street look. Further, let’s check following Casa 1014 house design!

Nestled in the Granollers city in California, this unique building built on a 6,5 meter in wide area. However, it gives you easy access to street at the both ends. It seems that the house is built between to back wall of two houses in the neighborhood. Everything is set in details including the facade with only 6,5 meter. Exposing mounted window is a great way to define the outlook. Opening the gate, you will be able to see through the backyard directly from the fore front. Designed in reddish brick tone, this really is an awesome trait to amaze.

Stone wall in classic arch style will give the hint for every people what impression they will get later. An open plan backyard could be a peaceful place both to relax and socialize with friends and family. Again, it cannot live apart from the outside, large glassy window and door are installed to bring outdoor nuance indoor.

Draped window gives you choice both to announce and to keep the family business’ secret or not. Light roof from zinc creates gorgeous performance to the ceiling. Letting the skylight robbing more natural light will be beneficial to brighten the day without electricity. Meanwhile, to reach the upper floor, sculpting wooden staircase is ready to crawl you higher to the loft. Added with steel decking, it exposes industrial feel to the interior design.