Keep Stunning in White and Green Living Space

Green is great! There is even no style border the use of this soft cheerful color. Going in traditional, modern, classic will not be matter. Just like black or white, it is matching with any tone. However, being classic or modern, white could be the best favorite color to play with green. Further, green in living room is also awesome. Let’s check some pictures below!

For lightest green use, applying the pantone to the rug choice is recommended. Opening green look outside going to inside will add the greenery appearance trough the draped window. Reflecting the patterned green white rug is even more stunning with the natural light. In addition, elaborating a living room with charlotte green color above white backdrop is wonderful.

Shining brightly with golden wall lamp it looks georgous with pallets sprucing the fore front. Meanwhile, keeping green to be the booster hue is great to pop the atmosphere. With plenty white use, green could be the greatest accent to be added in minimize scale. Soft green to the wall and brighter one to the rug is a balance composition for delicious outlook.

Further, to engage green and grey hue is really amazing. Keeping in touch with green sofa and grey one is unusual, but it offers joy to live with. Bringing Mediterranean tone to the living room is truly ingenious. Put in couple greenery and several flowers will make the room just look like garden. Surrounding the entire design with green hue and red accent strengthens the tropical tone brought inside.

Moreover, adding a magnolia height of green tall decorative plant in front of a green curtain creates cool and adorable performance. Taking apple color to living room really will increase your appetite to share joy and love together with family and friends. Filling white sofa with green cushion is luxurious. Let’s play more green for more livable ambience!