Knowing the Alteration of 1970’s Home with Modern and Retro Style

Vancouver still nurtures the old building as the historical witness. The proof is you can visit to the Delta area and find the 1970s buildings. However, some building has getting renovation with modern addition. Yet, don’t worry because that house in 2,120 square feet still maintains the retro style. At this time, it has 4 bathrooms and the bathroom is two. Besides that, it has funky vibe and more appealing. So, would you like to take a look at the pictures below?

Used to the social area applies earth tone with white brick fireplace. Further, it changes more bright with white paint ideas and exposed beam ceiling. In the other hand, it still has the same fireplace and wood accent wall. Traditional living room looks eye catching with frameless windows and red cushion. Afterward, the kitchen transform with white kitchen island and exotic pendant lamps. In fact, original trunk bar and the chairs make it eccentric. Meanwhile, the kitchen nook uses fancy glass table and enchanting futon bench.

Surely, you will enjoy this social area very much. In the other hand, the kitchen has fresh green backsplash now. Further, the kitchen nook decorates with stylish white wall art. Well, behind the kitchen nook is path into the modest wooden staircase. The fact, it has small built-in bookshelf. Flawless master bedroom has trendy sitting area and backyard view. Alluring branch lanterns stand over the foamy grey sofa. Here, it faces off the stunning wall unit for the cool sleek fireplace and also TV unit.

Behind this room is the main area with enthralling platform bed. Yellow throw blanket and tribal pattern pillows decorate this neutral bed. Then, it has new look mid-century furniture items and pretty girl’s painting. In addition, this house has prepared multi-level decks. Of course, it is for the dining area and outdoor sitting area. Right, who is the most in charge of the house? By the way, Sarah gallop Design Inc. is the designer for this great 1970s home.