La Fatte Residence Enriched with Futuristic Features in Taiwan

Touching every corner with amazement is what you will get to live an apartment with detail to its every corner. Moving from a space to another space would be more adorable to excite everything outside in a comfortable atmosphere. To have the nuance, you should bring the La Fatte residence into your design. Established in Taipei, Taiwan, this residence is built with exceptional style to give distinguish outlook. Retro style in industrial building is not common anyway, but the designer successfully makes it into a beautiful trait to live in.

One way to keep the taste exposed in every detail, using several colorful appliances is the strategy to live the interior. Spotting a human sized iron man sculpture in the corner of the room is a special appeal to enjoy while enjoying the meal. Encapsulate the connection the two stories house design in a modern elevator is another retro treat you could get at this design.

Brick wall combination attached to the white backdrop gives rustic appeal to share in the interior along with large sliding shelving unit covering the wall. Further, to give different tone, slight yellow to the door frame is an exceptional trait to wonder.

Giving vintage outlook to the living room does not need much effort. American cubic designs align aside the grey sofa and the yellowish rug are enough. Satisfying your artistry soul with human shape red floor lamp is truly amazing. Modern slopping lighting attached to the ceiling would be another hint of modern style filling the white rustic room with brick accent.

To strengthen the combination of vintage and contemporary style, two yellow and white vault pendants are combining in the living space. Open dining space enables you to access the courtyard, or you can just sweep the view from the glassy sliding door.