Living in Zurich together with the Comely RebbergDielsdorf House

Discover new wonderful side in Zurich, Switzerland. There is RebbergDielsdorf House by L3P architekten with natural beauty around. Even, the interior design not lost to the outdoor look. It is better you follow me to enjoy the virtual experience for a minute. As though, a modular glass house stands on a small hill. Nevertheless, terrific garage basement looks underneath with grass roof. It integrates the main street as once connects to the interior room.

By the way, this great building is surrounded by exotic day and night outdoor scenery. Glass exterior wall with black frame really wraps the interior room. In the other hand, there is sturdy stone path and short floating exterior stair. The stair leads you to the fancy from door while admire the small floating room. Pink focal point welcomes you directly before you open the door. Tiered social area floor make sure current area. Open foyer designs with pink purple hammock. It hangs under the bub lamps and opposite to the captivating pink galley kitchen.

Meanwhile, enchanting dining space looks under the foyer floor. Behind the dining apace is amazing short stair with creative built-in bookcase. Is it intriguing and brilliant? On the second floor, you will find some sitting area and master bedroom. The first relaxing spot uses adorable bohemian sofa bed. Secondly, pretty minimalist living room is with charming purple sofa. It puts between the round coffee table tray and arch lamp. After from this spot, you may to continue your trip to the master bedroom.

Stop in this enthralling bathroom vanity. The location is after the living room and before bedroom. It uses purple vanity storage and sleek black vessel sink. Pass the exotic hallway with purple wall to reach the breathtaking master bedroom. Enjoy the soothing typography by the shabby chic bed or cool black soaking tub. Yeah, what you want have fulfilled by this house. Take this opportunity and order it soon.