Looking for New Experience in Brisbane with Palissandro House

Shaun Lockyer Architects defines the home design costly and gorgeous. Palissandro House is the name of that project. The location is only on Brisbane Australia, in fact. Accommodate all the primary rooms will satisfy the home owner. Here, you should know that the elegant vibe comes from the wooden elements usage. Even, each material recreates awesome and relaxing sense. It is better you watch the amazing of the interior and exterior below. We have provided many pictures below.

Creative exposed texture of the wooden façade house saves incredible feel. Natty and railing wood clads the wall into the garage door. Here, it mixes the white wood exterior floor and durable stucco driveway. Further, enchanting house number and the minimalist garden décor enhance all. Long wooden frames hallway delivers you to reach the interior room easier. You will walk on the nice hardwood floor with catchy natural lighting. Find the stunning style from the next corridor as the side access.

Dashing dark wall mixes the pretty white wood floor and another. We mean the room still adds nature hue and the material. Soon, we know the fantastic stylish social area. It links to the appealing balcony with elegant hardwood deck. Excellent living room sets with luxury leather sofa. Then, contemporary open kitchen design enhances with bar. Obvious, stunning stainless steel countertop combines the cool wooden kitchen island. By the way, the balcony decorates with pleasurable sitting area and trendy alfresco sets.

Well, aside the social area is marvelous interior staircase which faces off the side door. Evidently, it brings you to the next social area. Stupendous black living room sets together with the mesmerizing dining area. Definitely, the latest trend chandelier beautifies that interior room. Bedroom and bathroom design with astonishing focal points. In addition, this house in Brisbane has sectional open terrace with covered deck bench. What are you thinking about, right now? Add your life experience truly in that dwell.