Magnificent Monolithic Room Divider in Apartment Design

The focal point in every interior design is always important for us to consider. It also happens in the Monolithic House that located in Castrovillari, Italy. This apartment has a monolithic block, which consider as the main focal point for the interior design. It is a stone wall partition which separate the kitchen from living room.

As you can see, this monolithic block is the one who becomes the divider in this apartment design. The big partition also separates the kitchen from the dining area. In this dining area, you can see a glass leg wooden table which would be so interesting for this dining room. The black chairs on it will be a very good choice to beautify the entire dining room.

The sliding glass door next to the dining room also looks classy alongside with the black and white alphabet wallpaper on it. The living room, which is in the same layout as the dining area looks so sophisticated and captivating. A huge white sectional sofa will be the best place for you to have chat with friends or relatives.

Then, beyond the monolithic block, you can get into the kitchen here. There is a wooden framed window within the block in which you can see each space from it. The narrow kitchen beyond the block looks so comfortable. The white and sleek cabinetry seems to be an interesting stuff that you need to consider. The white scheme is also found within the bathroom after the kitchen too.

A unique room divider in this open plan would be a very good way that you need to consider in designing certain living space. The monolithic block in this apartment design surely amazing and astounding. It could be a good inspiration for you to separate certain rooms in your apartment design.