Make a Cheerful Gray and Yellow Bedroom

Grey and yellow are very cheerful colors because they are bright colors. If you want to make your bedroom feels cheerful, you should try to read this article because it will help you to make a cheerful gray and yellow bedroom. Are you ready? Check this out!

Wonderful extra-large bed in the middle of a medium bedroom looks extremely match with extra-thick comfortable soft mattress on the bed itself. Complete the mattress with a long thin soft pillow, a long thick bright yellow pillow and a small square cute yellow cushion with gray flower pattern. You can also add a brown warm nice blanket on the mattress.

Add a simple bright yellow wooden night table beside the bed; it would look very appropriate with the white little unique modern cute night lamp on it. Medium useful black incredible bookshelf next to the wall looks match perfectly with three interesting beautiful yellow paintings above the bookshelf. Comfortable brown carpet under the bed would make you want to stay longer in your own bedroom. Your bedroom is the most interesting now.

If you want to maximizing yellow, use yellow very comfortable bed in the middle of the bedroom. Dark brown laminating floor looks harmonious with unique rug beside the white night table near the bed. If you want to maximizing gray, you only need to add a very fabulous fantastic soft gray bed in the middle of bright-gray bedroom with bright brown laminated floor.

Well, your gray yellow bedroom has done. Don’t forget to discuss the decoration with your roommate (if you have) to make the best decision together. You have to mix your favorite with others. I think yellow and gray were incredible enough to make an impressive bedroom one. Don’t be selfish, guys. Your impressive bedroom will still cool! Good luck.