Modern Floor Tile for Modern House

To build a modern house, you can start it with the floor. Floor is essential for a house because it becomes the ground for us to stand. That is why, the floor should not only stylish or modern but also has to be comfortable. At this time, we will give you the idea of applying modern tile for your floor. Because, modern floor tile can be suitable for your modern house as well.

Actually, tiles are exist in varied of sizes. There are the medium sized tiles, the small one, or also the big ones. In the first picture, can be concluded that it applies the big ones. Those tiles are not only big but long too, and it has a rectangular shape. It applies the modern tiles with black color that’s made from ceramic material.

Ceramic material is not only possess a stylish looks but also a soft texture which can be suitable for our foot to stand on it. Move on to the second picture, it applies other modern tiles which are made from ceramic material too. These modern tiles have a white tone with some black scratches. This combination creates a stylish looks of the floor that can be categorized as a modern house.

Another suitable material for your modern floor is parquet material. It can be seen in the seventh picture. It applies the modern floor tiles made from parquet. Parquet is made from wooden blocks. Therefore, it has a soft and comfortable texture for any room where it will be applied.

The next picture also applies the parquet floor. Different with the seventh picture, it has a darker grey color parquet floor. This dark grey parquet tiles create a dramatic atmosphere to the room which is very modern and stylish at the same time. Another advantage of using parquet material is that you can clean the floor easily because this material is easy to swept.