Mulvagh-Crosby Cottage in Remote Lakeside, Quebec Rediscovering your Lost Placidity

Good news for you who are looking for private location for living. A remote lakeside in Ladysmith, Quebec presents gorgeous dark cottage. It is the result of the Kariouk Associates imagination. This retreat gets many alterations from both the exterior and interior design. I think the designer want to appear living with brilliant pretty sense. Actually, the name is Mulvagh-Crosby Cottage that occupies the middle wood in modern style. Below, you will see the before and after that building style.

Termitary wall in white props the second floor with framed glass door. It uses white pallet wall and clay tile gable roof. Amazing style look after they renovate it. There is no Termitary wall and the ground around is fertile. It has catchy lawn and white stone track. This garden path brings you to the black metal staircase toward the patio. Finest floor-to-ceiling window installs over the garage. By the way, it changes to be gothic and masculine with black theme.

When we look it with lakeside view and spruce forest, the sense is only fresh. Even, it feels cold. Nevertheless, you will get another answer from the interior design. The convenience is just warm in which it comes from the yellow lighting idea. Obvious, it is true because brown wood clads from the floor until the ceiling. Further, it adds stylish black fireplace. Gather with your family in this minimalist living area or in the banquette. They both have the same view from the outdoor.

Afterward, mesmerizing black kitchen sets behind the sofa. Between the kitchen island and sofa there is narrow path and spans into the armchair. Definitely, it leads you toward the bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom still has the same feature such as the social area. Even though, the bathroom is exotic with mosaic tile backsplash and floor. In addition, backside of the house is still original with white pallet wall. Yeah, it is perfect for your meditation from the bustle of the crowded city.