Old Duplex Transforms into a Lovely Home for Small Family

De Gaspe House is an old duplex that has been renovated. Before the renovation process is undertaken, the Montreal building has very unpleasing look. However, it now has become a very cozy living space. Therefore, you may call it as ‘home’. I’m sure that the home can offer comfort and happiness for the occupants.

There have been so many old homes renovated. However, not all the renovations are successful. De Gaspe House is one example of successful renovated home. I consider that the architects are very smart. Contemporary style is applied nicely on the living space. The exterior has bold character and style. Meanwhile, the interior is very cozy. Wood material is widely used to bring natural look. Well, De Gaspe House now has become a lovely dwelling for a small family.

You can find an appealing open living area in the home interior. A gray sectional sofa stands in front of a white kitchen island. There are white floating bookshelves beside the furniture piece. The bookshelves are installed on a wooden railing that also serves as room divider between the open living room and red stairs. There is even a dining area in the room. Contemporary dining table and chairs decorate the area. Moving to the upper floor, you can find a cozy office with white walls and wooden floor. Black computer desk helps the home office to feel elegant.

Let’s have a look at the bathroom. Well, it’s an example of kids-friendly bathroom. A piece of wooden steps is provided in the bathroom, so that a kid can reach the vanity easily. The bathroom vanity itself is very beautiful because it has wooden top. Unique small black tiles decorate the bathroom floor. Meanwhile, white paint color applies on the bathroom ceiling. White ellipse bathtub and wooden shelves complete the bathroom. It’s my dream home!