Ravishing Modern House Design with Rich Textures in Slovakia

The Man’s Choice 2 is located in Piestany, Slovakia. This house is surrounded by the serene city view that would be enjoyable. The interior design that displaying an elegance and also modern charm would be a very good choice for those who want to have a stylish living space. The exclusive combination and contrasting textures would be the best idea that you can get for it. Open plan design that consists of living room, dining space and kitchen would be so entertaining in this place. The exclusive living area with a huge intersectional sofa on it must be the perfect choice for it. The stackable nesting tables on it act as a coffee table in this area. The wooden flooring on it seems to be the best choice for sure.

Meanwhile, for the kitchen and dining area behind it, you can get a more intimate feeling on it. The open plan makes the design becomes endearing. The sleek surface of the furniture in this two area creates a modern charm inside the room. The grey brick wall on it will be the best addition for this room.

In the other side of this house, you can find a more private space. The comfortable working space on it seems to be rich of textures. The big bookcase storage made of wood is displayed on it. Whereas, the bedroom design looks simpler. Yet, it still brings you a comfort and cozy feeling so that you can enjoy being inside it.

This modern house design could be a very good choice for those who want to have a comfortable place. The endearing design of it would be a good choice that you can get. Moreover, you can also see a beautiful city view of Piestany from this house. Thus, it would be the ravishing house design for you.