Rediscovering New Life in High Definition by Clifftop House

Mark Able and Myca Loar define a contemporary living as the Clifftop House. Laguna Beach, California is the right place for that house, according to them. Exactly, it perched at the top of a rocky outcrop with cantilevered deck. The designer says that the house mixes the smart system and the artistic sense. Surely, both essence recreate more attractive feature. For the example, this retreat uses 33’ sliding glass door. Well, let’s see the intact design by the photo gallery the following.

Okay, it is the overall residence façade that uses awesome frameless glass fence. Grace feature looks noticeable because of the nature landscape. Further, the sophisticated system supports it. Remarkable social area with stunning ocean view integrates to the backyard by superb door.

Here, the house combines the splendid slate exterior wall with the luxury interior furniture items. Then, refined lighting idea makes bright the house during the night. Alright, classy sense felt directly when you enter from the back door. You will step in marvelous white oak wood stair with dashing led light.

Retreat to the living area in which it sets with elegant grey color. It is visualized with deluxe leather seat and comfy shag rug on the same tone laminate floor. Afterward, nice white stucco wall for the likeable electric fireplace enhance the layout. High quality of the material hangs over the flawless kitchen design. We mean it is the stupendous pendant lamp. That kitchen also adds rough white backsplash with no damage theme character.

Breathtaking rooftop terrace not only comes from the scenery afore. It is not such as the usual decoration. The terrace decorates with fancy platform bed and foamy thick pillows.In fact, it integrates the romantic bar design. Meanwhile, the master bedroom is very excellent and outstanding. Hopefully, this extraordinary retreat places you in the high definition of life.