Remodeling a Shabby Old House into Cozy Living Space in Taiwan

Renewing and remodeling an old house has been the latest issue for a home design topic. There is an old house that said which last for over fifty years in the Southern side of Taiwan. Here, the Ivan House Design has done a great job in revamp the old house into a new looking house.

As you can see, from the exterior, it looks like the place is a bit shabby and dull. However, there are some new aspects that beautify this façade look so that this three-story building is stand out in neighborhood. Then, when you get inside the living room, you will find a spectacular looking brown sofa with a small wooden coffee table on it. A stairs with wooden banister will lead you to another floor, which also looks more awesome.

The kitchen in this house looks so spacious even though a bit dark due to the house position. However, the beige scheme in this kitchen makes a brown light within the kitchen. Next to it, the inhabitants could relax for a while in a family room. The green paint in the wall will refresh the mind. Having some tea with your family in this place could be a good activity to do.

The bathroom that designed next to the exterior design will be a good way for you to enjoy the beauty of the small garden while you are having a private time in the bathroom. Green backsplash with white appliances seem to be a good choice of combination on it. In the other side, small patio design would be a very good-looking thing in which you can have some plants here. Even though this place is a bit shabby and dull, but the designer, Ivan House Design, has done a great job on it. It has become a comfortable place to live.