Sophisticated Designs of Mid Century Modern Living Room

Modern designs truly give premium taste but mid century design gives such historical taste. How if two different tastes blended into one theme of living room? Well, that will be so great design. Some following living rooms perform sophisticated designs of mid century modern living room. The first living room pours mid century taste through the wooden floor but the floor also has the modern touch through the glossy texture.

This living room give fresh balance to the wooden furnishing by applying the high white ceiling. Glass windows in various styles connect two tastes in this room. Glass door and wall also performs spacious naturally feeling in this room. White sofas with its unique texture give modern balance to the black wooden dining set. This dining set looks sophisticated with the white circular headlamp of pendant lamp.

Another sophisticated design comes with the masculine accent amongst the purely white palette. This living room performs grey wide wall which encompasses some black and grey ornaments on it. Brown wooden wall in another side looks calm to encompass sharp accent of black painting on white canvas.

Grey beams are horizontally perching on the white ceiling. This setting gives nice view. The brown fan gives calm accent in the middle of this ceiling. White fiber rug defines seating area over grey floor in this room The seating area applies the large grey sofa with rectangle black cushions. Rectangle wooden coffee table looks rustic with its white legs in the center of this seating area.

The last design performs stick motif in a lot ways in this sophisticated living room. This living room accentuates the black sticks motif on the white rug. This rug looks so modern over the dark wooden floor. Glass window looks serene in the black frame. Grey tiles wall embraces the great fireplace nicely. White bulb pendant lamp shows its metallic circular handle above the grey sofa and black coffee table in marvelous legs. Overall, mid century modern living rooms perform sophisticated designs which could combine modern and mid century tastes.