Stylish Dormer House with Efficient Lighting System

It’s no doubt that the lighting system can affect the tone and mood of our home interior. However, some people still dong some mistakes about home lighting system. Sometimes they put the lights in wrong places that make the lighting less efficient. In this spirit, we want to discuss about this adorable dormer house in Canada. This modern house is a good example of efficient lighting system. Let’s explore a little bit more in these illustrations.

Start from the living room, we are served small but airy interior. The white wall gives bright look to the room. In addition, the room uses glass sliding door that brings the sunlight in. The designer also chooses bright colored furnishings. There are two white leatherette armchairs that are combined with a white square table. Furthermore, the modern recessed ceiling lights are placed in strategic spots to give this room an efficient lighting system.

In this stylish dormer house, you can also find a beautiful kitchen. The kitchen is dominated with wooden furniture. In the far end the wood veneer cabinetry looks very inviting. The beech veneer kitchen table also blends with the wood slate floor. Now, take a look at the ceiling. There are some appealing white cone lamps.

These lamps don’t only give visual appeal to the decoration, but also serve as effective lighting system in this kitchen. These lamps provide relaxing light to the kitchen island and kitchen table. Moreover, you can still spot some recessed ceiling lamps to brighten the corner spots of this kitchen.

Jump to the bedroom, the interior looks sensational and charming. A teak bed is used with a white sheet and multi-patterned pillows. In addition, the bedroom also displays efficient lighting system with two industrial wall sconces attached beside the bed. The wall sconces also have cool white lampshades.