Sustainable New York Penthouse Loft Design with Modern Vibe

New York is a perfect city to live. The city has some top house designs and architectures made by top designers. This fabulous penthouse loft we are about to discuss is one of the best works of creative designers at Turret. They make an impressive and sustainable living space with stylish modern vibe. Let’s get to know closer about this penthouse design through our image collection below.

This building is called The Greenwich Street Loft Penthouse. It is a building with 17 feet ceiling that will greet you with its contemporary elegance. A contemporary living room has feel airy and bright with high ceiling and large windows.

The elegant black modern staircase evokes stylishness with flat black railings and tempered glass banister. The center area is crowded with two sleek beige leatherette chairs and a sturdy wooden coffee table. The large glass screens separate the living space with the dining area also gives modern characteristic.

Compared to the living room, the kitchen has subtler appearance. The white palette dominates the room color scheme. This kitchen area provides bright outlook with glossy white cabinetry. The modern kitchen cabinets also offer simplicity and minimalism.

This contemporary kitchen features a dazzling white metal kitchen island beautified with luxurious marble countertop. This magnificent kitchen island is placed right below a shiny metal exhaust hood with chrome color. The exposed white wooden ceiling gets awesome decoration using two crystalline pendant lights.

Contemporary décor evokes sleek outlook in the bedroom. A modern fireplace is mounted on the white wall, giving warmth to the room as well as a point of interest for the decoration. Meanwhile, a fancy bed with black upholstered headboard has some really plush beige pillows. In addition, you can find a long modern bedroom bench with tufted seat cushion stands nicely next to the bed.