Tasting the Eco-friendly and Spectacular Mixing in Casa Incubo

Design home with brick, stucco, and wood less spectacular. I hope you are one of the tastefully people. Nowadays, I present Casa Incubo from Costa Rica. This residential house uses 8 shipping containers. Obvious, it is an eco-friendly sustainable building for living and work. By the way, four containers for the ground floor take 95 square meters. Further, the rest is for the second floor with terrace and vestibule. Know this Maria Jose Trejos detail by the photo gallery the following.

Durable steel doors loom from the gate until the garage. Here, the building looks modern and unique. Welcome your adorable color living room. It uses bright colors on the sofa such as yellow, turquoise, orange, purple, etc. Further, it mixes the DIY end table and exquisite area rug. By the way, there is contrasting feature between the exterior and indoor décor. Translucent sliding glass door deliver you to the fancy dining area. Even though, take a look at around. There is contemporary staircase with frameless glass banister.

Okay, let’s check this mesmerizing long dining apace. It has grey metal door that leads you to the outdoor directly. Surely, it uses trendy furniture sets and the lighting is so luminous. Do you know what will you see when you up stair? Enjoy the attractive painting in that gallery room. The fact, dining space is not only aside the living room. Nevertheless, the largest dining space enhances this enchanting open kitchen. Certainly, this area is proper when you invite your big family.

In the second floor, you can find the home office easily. Substantively, it spotted over the first dining area. Alright, see the exterior decoration on this floor. It has good spot to enjoy your drink while see the dense living panoramic. Besides that, this house has stupendous rooftop patio with white canopy cover. So, it is the best living while save the world from the terrible rubbish.