Tasting the Power of Kilda East House by Fiona Brockhoff

St. Kilda East House is the project of Fiona Brockhoff in Australia. The layout creates a strong integration from the interior to the garden. It looks like a two building with natty red brick stone wall. Both buildings flank the small black accent as the dining room. The dining room has glass door that link to the tropical garden via grey stucco floor. Further, the brick wall room is designed with frameless door and window.

Alright, one of the rooms is the fun living space in which your kids may to play here. Immaculate large window provide cozy nook with wooden storage beneath. Comfy beige sofa and the tufted blue armchair form a playing area when you don’t put the coffee table. As though, the dining area sets with many entryways around. Surely, it leads us to the different spaces. Black accent on the dining room is exposed metal beam ceiling. The furniture itself uses vintage wrought iron with gold accent.

Afterward, the main social area sets aside the dining room. Kitchen bar design is behind the living space. The room looms bright and serenity. Flawless white ceiling and wall combine the pale laminate floor and some ornaments. Here, there is sitting area with minimalist entertainment spot aside the window nook. Meanwhile, unpretentious round wooden stool adorn the stylish grey kitchen island. So, where is the bedroom? It sets in opposite to the living area. It means it is in another side of the dining room.

As I told before that it has many entryways. One of them has unique honeycomb floor to the glass backyard door and bathroom. Even, the design is until the bathroom wall. By the way, this house still has many rooms with old style. It is visualized with home library. Okay, do you have found the specific character of the home design? Don’t tell me I have guessed it.